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Henry John Harrell Hollingsworth


Ken Jazzy Jones


This is
Our Story

And we're sticking to it.

Part of what we do is just for fun..
So you should see value in most everything AllDay designs.

AllDay was founded as a result of one observation: the web needed simplifying. We recognize that people have transformed how they use websites, and we're here to help enhance your digital presence and objectives, by offering our FRESHBRANDING, CRAFTWEBSITES, and CLASSICAPPS.

All of our work is unique to each client, and no two products are the same. We craft creative designs and websites that harness a joyful user-experience and have a passion for the process. In a forward-thinking world, there is something wonderful about leveraging technology to slow things down. Creating an online experience can be fun, whilst turning that creative-sauce into cashola. And our clients could listen to that melody AllDay.




In a digital world, where people receive their information nearly instaneously.

Two bros... One mission...

To deliver crafted websites that people love to love.

With limitless possibilities, a little simplification can eliminate all confusion.

And probably save the world.


We're on your team and we have your best interest in mind. When we begin a project with you, we'll be asking about the genuine story of your business, its goals, and who YOU are. With that winning formula, we're hooked and ready to create.



Brand Development + Logo Design.

Updated + simplistic + personalized = Fresh. We’re here to apply such a touch to your brand essence and development. We take the time to learn about your business, goals and personality, to then refine and redefine your brand’s identity. And that renewed identity and style is something you could look at and share AllDay.

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Planning + Design + Development.

We live in the age of the modern web with the ability to create just a few clicks away. AllDay is here to slow things down and Craft customized websites that you love to keep. Engineering a personal, handcrafted experience is what we live for. And an AllDay backhand-lowfive will definitely be in order.

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App + (UI/UX) Design + Development.

We’ve all heard it - iOS & Android smartphones have over five-hundred-kagillion apps and counting… How do we create new apps that have a presence in the app store? Well, carefully. Let’s head back to the basics and build something timeless, a design that can last.. something Classic. And there's a strong chance we'll rub some funky Fresh on it.

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Two Locations, One Home...page

We Work Remotely
& Love Our Locals

In the age of communication and information, the internet powers the things we do on a daily basis. AllDay's co-founders, Henry and Ken, embrance this change and are based in different states and time zones. Lean why work remotely, and love it.

We don't fret about it; we embrace it! We work from Charlotte, NC and Denver, CO. And as big supporters of our respective city's local small businesses, we love to support the #GoLocal movement and are constantly seeking to utilize our awesome local resources.

Henry hails in 

Denver, CO

Ken hails in 

Charlotte, NC


Denver, CO

Henry HollingsworthDenver, CO 80202

Charlotte, NC

Ken JonesCharlotte NC. 28203


Denver, CO
Hometown: Wilmington, NC

+1 720.504.5754

Charlotte, NC
Hometown: Lexington, KY

+1 720.504.5754

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