5 Reasons Why to Design for Your Website Users - Explained in 45s or Less

29 June 2016 | Henry Hollingsworth

It takes 3/10 of a second for a visitor to decide if they like your website. In the first few seconds that a target customer is on your website, it’s your site’s job to engage said customer by including some fundamental components in key areas of around your site.

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We Work Remotely, And We Love It!

24 June, 2016 | Ken Jones

Here at AllDay we work remotely. So when I say “here”, I could really mean anywhere. AllDay was founded to be a company that aimed toward doing things a little bit differently, and simpler than the typical web agency.

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Mix it up. Head up. Keep it light. Keep it fresh.

21 June 2016 | Henry Hollingsworth

The people of AllDay fit like a glove. We’re all looking for the same things in our lives, and in our work. Because we love our work so daggon much, it’s hard to ask for much more, so we embrace it. We look at work + life less like a balance, and more like an integrated, well-oiled formula of work and play.

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