The people of AllDay fit like a glove. We’re all looking for the same things in our lives, and in our work. Because we love our work so daggon much, it’s hard to ask for much more, so we embrace it. We look at work + life less like a balance, and more like an integrated, well-oiled formula of work and play. As AllDay continues to work remote, it affords us the opportunity to live our life and love our work concurrently. So here’s my vague recipe for living my work and loving it.

Mix it up: Sense of adventure.

If cartoons taught us nothing else as youngsters, they taught us that all day-to-day tasks/events can be made into an adventure. Oh, you need to quickly take the trash out right quick? Wrong. You’re actually Santa’s Chief Elf rushing to get Santa’s bag of presents down the ‘shoot’ before the clock strikes midnight (even if it’s 7am!). Your imagination is yours and you can make everything a fun adventure. No matter the task, there’s always a way to add your fun twist.

Head up: Positive all daggon day.

This is probably the most important lesson of all. Studies show that people are more likely to get stuck in the negatives, and too easily lose sight of the positives, says Allison Ledgerwood - watch TEDx video. Everything that hits my doorstep is an opportunity to conquer, with a smile on my face. As I begin to set my sights on a new goal, I first think of exactly why it’s important, then never forget. As I work through my short/long-term goals, I remember The Why to push me through adversity and not get caught up in the white noise of what can feel like a mundane task.

Keep it light: Never too serious.

I don’t like my ego. It’s not who I am or a good projection of who I want to be. So instead I focus on chatting about real topics without taking myself too seriously. My co-founder Ken, and I both know our design and web world pretty well, so instead of trying to tell everybody how much we know, we look forward to the deep conversations where we can talk about strategical design in the context of personalizing a website, or branding a craftsman. This approach allows me to forget ego and keep my head / demeanor light, so that we can talk about stuff that’s real.

Keep it fresh: Crafted personalization.

Final thought: I like to work on me. People are meant to be social beings, and the best part about socializing with like-minded folk is you begin to understand what a well-rounded perspective can feel like. Then, after some quality interactions with dynamite people, the fun / iterative process of assembling my personalized perspectives toolkit (patent pending..just kidding) began. The more I observed, the more thoughtful and controlled my actions became. I love to look at AllDay the same way. As we continue to work with more brewers, restaurateurs and other entrepreneurs, we have the opportunity to work alongside some of the best and freshest in business today. These entrepreneurs are craftsmen/craftswomen and have learned exactly how to personalize their carefully crafted brand. Each surely has a perspective toolkit of their own, and I'm so excited to chat.

AllDay is the lifestyle that we love to live. It is full of adventure and goals. It keeps us up-beat and allows us to craft our best work. We have a passion for growth, within ourselves and for the partners we work with, and that personalized positivity is what keeps us driving forward. AllDay!