Case Study

Marc Edwards Photographs.

Client:Marc Edwards Photographs

Date:April 4th, 2016

Type:FreshBranding | CraftWebsite

The challenge

Meet Marc Edwards! This guy is truly one of the most artistic wedding and event photographers in the country. Marc loves to travel, so while he’s based in Tampa, Florida, he aims to book events all over the country. It was clear pretty quickly after the initially gabbing with Marc, that he needed a website and clear digital presence to support his primary goals. Our declared mission: Rebrand Marc Edwards Photographs to capture Marc’s dynamite personality, rustic background, and timeless style.

Phase One:

Research & Discovery

From the beginning, we saw a great opportunity with this partnership to merge the authenticity and personality of Marc Edwards with the professionalism and approachability of a successful brand. Taking the proper amount of time to understand/identify Marc’s processes, business goals and target customers is crucial in forming an overall strategy that connects Marc to his targeted audience. Brand identity research & discovery may be the most important step to any project and goes beyond finding a design style that looks good; instead, we dive into the core of authenticity and the needs required to create a consistent, branded experience. After multiple video chats with Marc, we were ready to hit the drawing boards.

Phase Two:

Logo & Brand Identity

Through our discovery, we identified some key traits we wanted to bring into the visual identity of Marc Edwards Photographs: Modern simplicity; Rugged, yet refined; Timeless appeal. Marc is a classy cat. He's old-school rugged, yet well groomed. Quick-witted with a classic joke, yet well mannered. And when he described the type of branding he was looking for, we had a feeling he was onto something. We started designing to quickly realize that clean lines with a worn-texture conveyed some of those traits we were aiming for. So we dove into an icon that reflected his love to explore, and native roots. The mountains that doubles as an "M" was a match!

Phase Three:

Website Deep-Dive & Design

Having the opportunity to roll FreshBranding into a CraftWebsite is a winning formula. Already equipped with a foundational understanding of Marc’s business goals and objectives allowed us to deep-dive into the new website’s primary responsibilities and opportunities. As we begin the process of website planning, the goal is to create a simplistic, enjoyable user experience that highlights Marc’s colorfully crisp photography and personality, and allowed users to easily connect with Marc, creating a variety of interaction methods.

Working with a great photographer is a dream come true for web designers. Having amazing photos to work with save us one step, but creates one of our biggest obstacles: How do we showcase a stack of quality images and keep the website user-friendly? We set out to introduce a design flow that was that elegantly showcased photographs contrasted against a dark background, allowing colors to pop. We also incorporated a stunning single image view with keyboard accessibility controls and smooth-mapping zoom feature. Additionally, what website would be complete without some social shareability.

Phase Four:

Creative Development

Start your engines! The final phase is upon us. All of the research, planning, and decision-making now allows us to bring it to life. In the coding phase, we have our personalized workflow to completion, no doubt, but what’s most important is to ensure we’re applying the same branded standards (previously identified) to all aspects of website development. A clean, consistent, branded experience that flows through content and feels personal and authentic can make all the difference in the experience of our end-user.

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