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5 Reasons Why to Design for Your Website Users - Explained in 45s or Less

Henry Hollingsworth
August 25th, 2019 · 1 min read

It takes 3/10 of a second for a visitor to decide if they like your website.

In the first few seconds that a target customer is on your website, it’s your site’s job to engage said customer by including some fundamental components in key areas of around your site.

1. Foundation: Simplicity

Simplicity should be nestled all up in every aspect of your website. To a user, simple organization of web content allows them a self-guided intuitive tour with a clear, branded experience that connects them to their needs.

2. A Great Design

As you establish your company’s target customer personas/profiles, you can pull in personalized data that will help connect your customers to your primary business objectives. Once you’ve identified those key objectives, designing a custom user-flow and enjoyable web experience is the easy part.

We at AllDay feel like whitespace + even spacing + clean lines = easy on the eyes. And that’s just the beginning…

3. Relevant Content

People look for content that speaks to them. Your visitors ask, ‘What’s in it for me?’ and it’s up to you to simply guide that experience. Content should be easy to digest and catered to your target customer’s specific interests.

4. Clarity

Clarity is key. You’ve provided a great looking website with all of this amazing personalized web content, and now you have to close the deal by providing clear directives for what you want the users to do. Keep your content and Calls To Action (CTA) concise and clear. Test methods often to see what is working best and always let your users drive the experience. These are some of the basic principles of a quality User Experience (UX).

5. User Testing

Basic rule of thumb: Your website will always yield the same important question, “What’s in it for your users?” A connected and intuitive UX makes all the difference. Because you’ve already identified your primary users through a customer persona, you’re able to hand pluck real-life users that fit those personas to provide feedback on their experience. Even after you’ve established common feedback, and made the proven enhancements, continue to test and optimize.

Your website is an iterative process that will go on AllDay and forever.

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