Everything great starts with a plan

Design Prototyping.

We take pride in the work we create. Once connected with a defined purpose / message / company’s objectives, AllDay is inspired to architect a visual support system to help people, and possible-customers complete their online mission quickly, efficiently, and elegantly through the power of human-centered design.

Is prototyping worth it?

TL;DR: Yes!

Prototyping is one of those services that appears to not be necessary until you've bypassed. Here is what happens when you skip the prototyping phase of a project:

  1. The UI (user interface) designer is much more likely to design an interface that doesn't include critical features such as 'ways to navigate around the website' or 'situational experiences like what to do with an error'.
  2. The developer or programmer is likely to leave out anything that wasn't designed.

Once the developer has coded an experience that doesn't meet the envisionment of the client, that's when we have a problem that ends up costing more. Problems are quick and easy to spot and solve while in the prototyping stage.