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The answer to the question "What is digital marketing?" is simple and complicated. The simple one being: Marketing done via digital means. But the layers making up that simple answer is where interesting.

How are users converted to customers online?

Ideally, users have been referred to your business or product via word of mouth, and already fully knows they want to buy from you even before visiting your website. Then, all your website needs to do is not break the customers trust. Meaning the site basically just needs to work and not make a bad impression. We got that.

This is where Digital Marketing comes in! We like to think of this as a two step approach

  1. Pre-Website marketing
  2. Website marketing

Pre-Website Marketing

This consists of, but isn't limited to: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Pay Per Click (PPC). We can help orchestrate each of these services for you!

Website Marketing

Most users, upon arriving on your website, still aren't sure they want your product. They need a good impression to be made to push them over the line. With strategies like, smart banner placement, intuitive attention snaring, gentle motion to draw attention, security assurance, and much more, we can help convert curious users to happy customers!

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