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UX / UI Design

We take pride in the work we create. Once connected with a defined purpose, message, and company’s objectives, AllDay is inspired to architect a visual support system to help people, and possible-customers, complete their online mission quickly, efficiently, and elegantly through the power of human-centered design.

What Exactly is UX & UI?

Great question! Besides just kind of being hot terms in the industry, UX means User Experience and UI means User Interface.

Start with UX Design

UX planning goes hand in hand with Prototyping. Planning the user experience considers everything about the users journey from the time they land on your site. Consider the following situations:

  1. The user enters your site on a sub-page, is that page ready to steer them into the funnel to make a transaction on your site.
  2. The user is logged in and wants to log out. Things like this are overlooked more often than you think.
  3. A user really just want to contact the company via email or phone. If the company website hides that info, why? Users begin to not trust companies, and won't purchase from a company they don't trust.

Those are just a few examples of situations that proper UX design can remedy before they become a problem.

Polish it off with UI design

The UI design is the smooth body and fresh paint job. If your website doesn't look nice and contemporary, users are likely to leave your site and most likely land on one of your competitors. Think about this scenario:

You're looking for a dentist office. You open up Google Maps and WOW, there is a dentist office one block away. You open up their website and it looks like it was made in 10 minutes 10 years ago. No Thanks!

The dentist office in question here might just have the nicest staff in town and have state of the arc equipment, that would guarantee you a pain free experience. But, unfortunately they did not invest in themselves by having a website made that shows off their great business, and therefore potential customers pass them by. Don't let this happen to your business, Contact AllDay to get your state of the arc website.