Start-Up Web App Creation

Daily Hangar

Daily Hangar was pointed our direction because they had an amazing web-app idea, but a limited budget. We hit the ground running with them to plan out an app that was appealing on the eye and offered the features they needed. We designed and developed this app with future growth and expansion in mind.

We helped with:

  • Prototyping & Planning
  • UX | UI Web Design
  • Custom Website Development
  • Manageable Content Integration
  • Custom Admin Panel
  • Automated email sending & email template design

Our Process

Starting an app that has the potential to become a huge company (think AirBNB) is a very delicate process. Most importantly, the app needs to work and be scalable with limited functionality. So what do you do? First, you need to be able to envision the product as a feature rich & success product. Then you need to take that core functionality and create the MVP (minimum viable product). The idea here is get a stable product up and running to allow users to start using the product, but without breaking the bank, like a conventional agency might lead you to do.