Website Design & Development

Red Ventures Blog

Building a blog is fun right? Yes! Building a blog is easy right? Not when there is a need for custom functionality around every corner. But that made this adventures with our Pals at Red Ventures one of our favorite and proudest projects!

What we helped with:

  • UX | UI Web Design
  • Custom Website Development
  • Custom Wordpress integration using Timber (A Twig template engine

How We Helped

When it comes to development here at AllDay, we aren't shy about not being fans of Wordpress, and neither is Red Ventures. But because of some technical restraints, Wordpress was our only option here. So we dove in excited for a new challenge.

We partnered with the programming crew at RV to handle the heavy lifting for pulling data so that we could focus on the look & feel and make sure the final product was a delight to use. Starting with the UI design, we used RV's branding with a little bit of a 'publication' spin for an easy reading experience that resembled the feel of other news/media sites. When designing a blog you want users to immediately recognize what they are looking at and make it extremely quick to find the content they are looking for. Small things, like an 'always on screen' search icon, make for an experience users love. We also place the posts users are most likely to read at the top. It might sound trivial, but these are things easily when not working with a professional.

This blog has given Red Ventures an outlet to share all the exciting things that they do in one place!