New Website

Red Ventures Careers

Sometime when you are a large company you need a dedicated site for hiring people. Red Ventures, has a complicated hiring situation because they not only have multiple offices around the world, they also own multiple companies . They needed to hire people for all locations and their subsidiary companies all in one place. We had already worked with Red Ventures on their Main Site, Rebuild Puerto Rico, and other internal projects. So they knew we were just a call away.

We helped with:

  • UI Web Design
  • Custom Website Development

How we helped

Working with Red Ventures is always fun because they huge campus located in Charlotte NC. There they employ a couple thousand talent people. Amongst those are UI designers, UX experience, programmers, and copywriters. So when we get asked to help them with a project, it comes along with some great collaboration and plenty of planning.

Our main role in this endeavor was the interface design and the front-end coding. We worked closely with the UX designer to create the UI design that can be seen below.